Our Farming Practices

Why We Do What We Do

Cattle on grass


We have owned and managed a few properties over NSW and have come to the decision that we are stewards of the land. We are here for a short period and can have a very major impact on the land that we manage.

So with that we focus on using regenerative practices that change the landscape back to a functioning ecosystem. Birds and bees want to be there, worms want to be there, snakes and lizards and spiders and wallabies and cows and us -we want to be there. 



Our grazing philosophy is based on replenishing the balance of the soils needs. “Feed the soil and it will feed you forever”.

Most of the year round, you will find Fiona, putting up poly tape to increase stock density and create change by allowing our cattle to graze in selective and non selective ways. We are always increasing and decreasing our numbers to allow for seasonal conditions and keeping the ground covered to protect it from the harsh summer sun.

Through these practices, we consciously take a small percentage of fodder grown to feed our ruminants who in turn trample vegetation creating a compost layer and also feed the soil through their excrement. This process invigorates more plant growth. Leaf solar panels allow plants to draw down carbon, roots to feed microbes, insects to make homes and this increases the whole diversity of our bionetwork.

Hubbard Family


Our own journey toward healing and health helped us to realise that our farming system and our health are connected. Fiona’s auto immune disease became a catalyst for change and has helped our family understand food and nutrition much better.

We realised that our philosophy, associated with healing the land through grazing cattle created food that we were searching for on the shelves of supermarkets and couldn’t find. It is nutrient dense, toxin free and has fat that has a healthy omega 3:6 fatty acid ratio. While we realised we needed to make this food available to our family, we also want to make it available more broadly.