About Us

the origin of our farm

Byron originally grew up on a farm between Forbes and Condobolin in the Central West of NSW and Fiona grew up on a farm near Goulburn on the Southern Tablelands. We have been involved in agriculture our whole lives as farmers, managers and consumers.

We purchased our property in the Upper Liverpool Plains in 2015. As well as our GFOTP grass fed beef, we have a commercial cattle finishing and breeding business that also follows the same principles at scale. Our cattle are mostly locally bred and adapted to the Plains conditions. We keep track of our cattle throughout the growing period and choose the animals to go into GFOTP.

Hubbard Family
As a family, we produce grass fed beef using principles that foster ecological health.

We believe that as our environment thrives so do our cattle. There’s something special about adopting the ReGen Ag philosophy. There’s something special about achieving that balance and synergy between plants and soil. It connects you to the process of regenerating Australia's farms, soils, communities and on farm livelihoods.


our cattle

Our cattle are currently finishing on a mixed species crop. As the cattle graze they also create a layer of mulch to protect and feed the soil. We are excited about the positive environmental impacts of stored carbon and soil biodiversity. Human health wins too, as these cattle will produce toxin free beef that is nutrient dense with healthy Omega3 fats.

meet the hubbards

Byron, Fiona, Henry and Tom Hubbard are a loving, kind and little bit cheeky family. They have a strong connection to their land, a keen passion for learning and a commitment to growing the best beef for your table.

Hubbard Family