50kg Quarter Beef Pack For The Tribe


Our Quarter Beef Pack would last our family of 4 approximately 10 weeks.

We understanding it is a large quantity to purchase up front, but then that becomes your convenience to cook and enjoy when it suits.

Consider sharing the pack with family or friends.

Grass Fed Beef is good in the freezer for 6-10 months. Cryovac packaged is good for 20-40 days at below 4°C. Beef is GST free.

Our sausages are grain and gluten free.

  • Scotch 1.5kg
  • T-Bone 2kg
  • Eye-Fillet  750g
  • Sirloin 2kg
  • Rump 2.5kg
  • Topside 3kg
  • Silverside  4.25kg
  • Ossobocco  2.25kg
  • Chuck 6.75kg
  • Blade 2.5kg
  • Brisket 1.5kg
  • Ribs 1.75kg
  • Trim % 14.5kg
  • Sausages
  • Bones 4.25kg

Select your preference for each cut of meat below.

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